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    QvPlugInReDist.exe silent installation

      I need to create an installation package that does not prompt the user for the language, but instead the language property of the installation package passes the value of 'English' to the installation process. Has anyone attempted this?

        • QvPlugInReDist.exe silent installation

          Look at MSI packagers. I have used custom MSIs on prior versions of QV without any issues.



          • QvPlugInReDist.exe silent installation

            Thanks, I also received an answer from the support desk containing the required parameter to pass for silent installation.

              • QvPlugInReDist.exe silent installation

                Hello Scannington,

                Please share that parameter with us.



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                    The recommended procedure to do silent installs of the plugin without prompting users for language selections etc. follows.

                    After downloading and running the QvPlugInRedist.exe, the msi package will be placed on your computer.


                    Go to "My Computer", from the menu click "Tools" -> "Folder Options" -> "View"-tab.
                    · Click the radio button for "Show hidden files and folders"
                    · Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)".

                    Click "Ok" to apply changes and exit folder options.

                    Go to the temp-directory, "C:\Documents and Settings\(USER)\Local Settings\Temp" and
                    find the .msi package that corresponds with the time you ran the installer. Please note
                    that the file size will be slightly smaller than the original .exe installer file size.
                    The .msi package will have a somewhat cryptic name. Copy the extracted .msi package
                    to another folder on your computer and give it a valid name, preferably the same as the
                    .exe installer but keep the .msi file extension.

                    Example: Copy and rename the file to C:\QvPluginSetup.msi

                    Then go to Start -> Run ->
                    msiexec /i "C:\QvPluginSetup.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /quiet

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                  Hi everybody,

                  Do you know is that procedure is still working with V9 versions ?

                  Best regards

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                      Hi scannington!

                      I could not find the required msi file in both the places mentioned in the document. Can you please help me out.

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                          Below is the reference of the document which i am refering to.

                          QlikView Server/Publisher

                          The QlikView Server is now installed on your computer. In order to activate it, you
                          need to complete a few further steps.
                          Obtaining the MSI package
                          If you need the msi package for installation you have to extract it from the
                          exe file.
                          1 Start the installation from the exe file and let the first dialog open.
                          2 In the temp folder in C:\Documents and Settings\username\
                          Local Settings, or C:\Users\username\App-
                          Data\Local depending on you operating system, you will find the
                          msi file under a random name, e.g. ed34g.msi.
                          3 Copy the msi file to a location of your choice.
                          4 Exit the exe installation.
                          5 Install using the msi (see below for silent installation). See also
                          Deploying MSI packages with Group policies in Appendix D.


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                              Can any one help me for the issue which i am facing. Please!

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                                  I found the msi in this folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Wise Installation Wizard

                                  So the correct action would be to start the exe and wait for die Wise-Wizard to extract the msi and then copy the msi from that folder to another location.

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                                      I am not able to find any file with *.msi. All the files which are available are in "Windows Installer Package" extension. Let me know is the file you are talking about? By the way i think that *.msi and Windows Installer Package both are same only. If it is same only let me know which one i have to consider as i have there files there and don't know which i the right now.

                                      These are the file which is available there.




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                                          The location is correct. One of the files should be the correct one for you. As you can see at the end of the file there ist the version number of Qlikview - don't be irritated by the name if the msi. Simply try starting the files should show you if xou picked the right one.

                                          If you start the exe and do not close the install dialog after extracting, you should find your file in this location with the date/time from today. My client file ist smaller than 100MByte so I suppose you extracted the server-msi, not the client-msi.

                                          Windows Installer Package is actually an msi-File. You probably don't have the explorer-option for showing extensions of know filetypes enabled, so you can't see the extension.