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    Configure a second AccessPoint on two distinct servers

      We've got a server called A with :

      - QV Publisher Enterprise 8.50

      - QV Server 8.50

      - One AccessPoint for internal users on AD

      This work very well.

      Now, we tried to create another AccessPoint on another physical server called B. This one to published AJAX pages for external users with custom users. This AccessPoint may be point to server A for Custom User and Server Document.

      So, we have configure another AccessPoint in Publisher with these parameters

      - Path : folder who the documents will be deploy

      - Document URL : qvp://A/documentfolder

      - Ajax Client files URL : http://B/AccessPoint

      Everything work well about publishing AJAX documents with Distribution Task.


      On the B server side, we have :

      - Install QV Publisher (for installed dll) without licence

      - Install QV Server (for AJAX WebPages and dll) without licence

      - Deploy AccessPoint page on http://B/AccessPoint

      About AccessPoint folder, we have changed web.config page to put this parameters :

      - AccessPointBackendIP value = "A"

      - AccessPointBackendPort value = 4994

      - CustomRoleServiceURL value = http://A:8081/qtcc.asmx

      NOTE: everything connection to any port have been accepted on each server !

      FIRST TEST :

      Connect to http://B/AccessPoint

      We put on a login and password of a custom user and we got this message

      Could not validate user because connection to Command Center failed.


      Thanks for your help !!