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    Publisher Tasks Will Not Run



      Qliktech kindly provided our business with a Publisher evaluation key so that we can explore what it can do for us. I'm trying to set up a task to reduce a document by sector names but I cannot get it to work.


      I went through the wizard and selected "Loop and Reduce" and "Sector Name" as my field name, and in the Distribution tab set it to a folder on my servers C:\ drive. However, when I right click the task and select "Run", nothing happens. If I go to the Status tab on the server, it shows the task as "Waiting" and no matter how many times I click play, no execution history appears for the task and nothing in the Log tab either. Could anybody help me out with what might be wrong?

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          Marcus Sommer

          I think many thinks could be wrong - invalid path, no proper access rights, any sql-connection or section access within the qvw and probably some more. I would simplify it by creating a new (dummy) qvw with only a few (inline) data and distribute it to a valid path (creating something like D:\Dummy) to reduce possible error-sources. But maybe you haven't simply waited long enough to get a failure and a error-message.


          - Marcus