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    Custom Labels For Dynamic Drill Down Dymension

    Gabor Tarnoczai

      Hi All!


      I have to make a cyclic dimension-like solution at a table (Qlik Sense 1.1).


      I have downloaded an extension (Variable Button), with I am able to make a cyclic dimension.

      If I add a drill-down dimension to the table, I'll get the function as a label.


      The drill down hierarchy:

      level 1: if($(var)=1,'A dimension','B dimension')

      level 2: if($(var)=1,'Aa dimension','Bb dimension')

      The label become e.g. : if($(var)=1,'A dimension','B dimension').

      As far as I know there isn't solution for the mentioned problem, I'm curios do you suggest any workaround for cyclic dimension in Qlik Sense (as far I didn't find any solution, that fits).

      Thank you!