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    Is Qlikview compatible for reading data from R?

      Hi Team,


      We are using Qlikview for a long time and are looking for integrating it with R and using Qlikview as a reporting tool on top of R.

      I have seen many discussions in the community but do not see any firm solution where R output is actually pulled on Qlikview. In case of Tableau and Spotfire, they have provided R connectors with which data can be pulled but when I checked for Qlikview I cant find any connector which is Qliktech provided or recommended/supported by Qlik.

      My requirement is User makes selection in the report and the JSON query is created which makes a service call and the report is displayed on the fly.


      query would somewhat look like


      {"count": 39, "values": [{"kpi": "N00914", "municipality": "1283", "period": 2013, "values": [{"count": 1, "gender": "K", "status": "", "value": 70.006373}, {"count": 1, "gender": "M", "status": "", "value": 73.703903}, {"count": 1, "gender": "T", "status": "", "value": 71.850318}]}


      Could somebody please put a limelight on the same and help in Qlik R integration.