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    Create master Calendar, 2 same date field, but diff month data

    Jim Chan

      Hi there,


      I need to create a master calendar, but i am having problem populate out data when selecting the month, year, date, that i created using master calendar.


      My problem.


      i have 2 tables - each table has a date column.


      table 1 - date field data - Jan - May

      table 2 - date field data - Oct only.


      by using master calendar, will it show a full month calendar(jan - dec) ?


      in my master calendar script, if i resident it from table 2 - i will only get month Oct only. But when i resident Table 1, it shows me jan-dec month, but when i click on Oct, there's no data appear?



      Min(Date(Date)) as MinDate,

      Max(Date(Date)) as MaxDate

      resident table 2;




      What should i do?