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    Problem with NT security while accessing dashboards through Access Point

      We have a HR dashboard built and distributed through Publisher. The report has section access security (data restriction through NT) embedded in it.
      I am part of the distribution list in the publisher, as well I am part of the section access data. I am able to see the dashboard in the Access Point but when I try to open the document its prompting me for an User ID/pwd rather than recognizing my NT ID.
      Even if I key in my NT User ID and pwd details, the report is still prompting for User ID and password. I tried using the backdoor user id and password, but still its prompting for User ID and password.
      This scenario applies to all the Users who are all part of the HR dashboards.
      I have attached the screenshots from the access point as well as the report prompting.
      When I open the local copy of the document and use the backdoor user id and pwd, the document is opening fine.
      Any thoughts???
      Thanks & Regards