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    Gradient Color for Tree Map (Qlik Sense)

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to assign a gradient color for my tree map by using the COLORMIX1() function. Below is a sample tree map, what I wanted to achieve is for each SEGMENT (i.e., convenience stores, restaurant and cafes, supermarkets, etc.), I should be able to assign a RGB() color, and each of the SALES REP per SEGMENT should be a gradient color of that assigned RGB.


      Below is the syntax I'm trying to build...


      If ( [Segment]='Convenience Stores',

           (colormix1((sum({<[Segment]='Convenience Store',[SalesRep]>} Revenue)) / Max(sum({<[Segment]='Convenience Store',[SalesRep]>} Revenue)),White(),RGB(250,2,3))),



      So the color would be a gradient of Red based on the sum of the maximum revenue of that sales rep in that segment.


      Thanks in advance!