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    Share Bookmarks with other users

    Felix Kühn

      Hi Folks,


      I got an issue with sharing bookmarks between other users in QV.


      To allow users to share bookmarks I made the following setup entries:


      QV Management Console:


      System->Setup->Documents->Alllow Server Objects

      Docusments->Dashboards->Vertrieb.qvw->Allow Creation of Server Obejects (all authenticated Users)


      Document itself (for me Vertrieb.qvd):


      Document Properties->Server->Allow Server Bookmarks

      Document Properties->Server->Allow Server Objects




      If the user is adding a bookmark with option: "share with other users" it is created for him but not shown for other users.

      If I look into the management console into Documents->Server->Server Objects I can see the Bookmark created.


      So why isn t it shown for other users now?


      Thx for your help in advance.


      Kind regards