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    Import/Export NSQ-Files



      I have e.g two nsq-files with my report configuration. What is the best way if I want e.g merge this two files together to one nsq-file?

      The other question is, can I do someting like an export of one or two reports and import it to another nsq-file?


      Many thanks

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          I am not aware of a way to merge multiple nsq files together.  There is a way to export a project, but I believe that just puts everything in a single zip file.


          A process that may work regarding the report, you can open an nsq and then wehen you crate a new report (one that exists in the other nsq) instead of doing a new tempalte, do edit and point to the template crated with the other nsq - the only step to complete the report would be to add the objects to the left side of the template.


          If you are importing recipients you can crate another recipient import and point to the file containing rcipients being used in the other nsq


          There is not rally a seamless solution to bring multiple nsq files into one (to my knowledge)

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            Have you made any progress putting your nsq files together or including one of your created repots in one nsq into the other?

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                Thank you for your quick answer Adam. But I did not make any progress. We have many reports and if i would do this one by one, it would take a long time.


                I saw, that the nsq files are in xml format. So maybe it should be a easier way to transport the data from one to another file