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    How to make bars with different equation on a bar chart?

      My problem is that I have to display different bars with different equations on a single bar chart.

      For example:- I have 3 fields in my excel sheet. I want to make one stacked bar for each field and show them on the same bar chart.

      Please help!

      Thanks in anticipation!

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          Ramon Covarrubias

          can you provide an example of what you want

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            are these going to be 1 dimension  with 3 different expressions or 3 dimensions


            can you provide a sample of the excel and/or any qvw you may have started?

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              Marco Wedel

              maybe using




              as one (calculated) dimension and




              as expression.


              hope this helps





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                  Hi Webel,


                  What am I supposed to write in place of bar1, bar2, bar3..


                  Sample data is following:-

                  Response id     Quarter       Dimension-1      Dimension-2     Dimension-3

                    101                  Q1               Yes                    No                    Yes

                    102                  Q1               Yes                    Yes                    No

                    103                  Q2               No                      Yes                    Yes

                    104                  Q2               No                      No                    No

                     105                 Q3               No                      Yes                    Yes

                     106                 Q3               Yes                    No                    No

                    107                Q3               No                      Yes                    Yes

                    108                Q4               Yes                   

                     109               Q4               No                                                  Yes

                     110               Q4               Yes                    No                         Yes

                      111               Q5                                        Yes                         No

                    112                 Q5               No                      Yes                        Yes

                     113                Q5               Yes                    Yes                         Yes

                    114                 Q5                                                           

                    115                 Q5               No                       No                         No


                  I want to show one bar for each dimension. If it can be shown as 5 bars grouped together for one dimension and all three dimensions on one single chart then better.

                  Otherwise, at least what I need is to show all three dimensions on one single chart. Each bar having it's own equation.