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    Session CAL management

      Is it possible to manage Session CALs based on certain users? We have a certain number of named CALs, for our regular users, and 1 Session CAL that I would like to be able to assign to a certain set of users that don't access the tool as often. Is this possible? If so, does anyone have any documentation on how to do this?



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          Rob Wunderlich

          If a user does not have Named CAL, they will use a Session CAL. So do the following:

          1. Uncheck "Allow Dynamic CAL Additions" on the Server Control Panel, Cal Info tab.
          2. Add the users you want as Named CAL.
          3. Any user not in the Named CAL list will use the session CAL when they open a document.

          Is this what you were looking for?


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              Rob W.,

              I think that'll do it. Thanks for you help.

              Rob S.

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                Rohit Koul

                Dear Rob,


                I have a query please help me with few points, actually I am having Named CAL(20), as well as Session CAL(6).

                Right now the scenario is  any user who don't have Named cal can have access with using any Session Cal, what I found any User who is using Session Cal have full access to all application.

                1. Is this like Session Cal is Power Users like Named Users?
                2. How in future if needed I can apply Security (Like Document Cal) particular  Specific Users using Session Cal to access specific application? 
                3. what if I need to restrict Users; as if right now any one in Domain can hit and access Qlikview Access Point.



                I have achieved Point 2 by providing NTLM and windows Security to Folders but is there any options available in QEMC?

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                    anant dubey



                    1. Yes it is like that of Named Cal Read official statement.


                    A Session CAL allows any user, identified or anonymous/unidentified, on one

                    QlikView client to access as many QlikView documents as may reside on the

                    server or server cluster to which the Session CAL is assigned for a minimum

                    period of 15 minutes. "


                    3.  Question no 3 not much clear its look simillar to point 2?




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                        Rohit Koul

                        Thanks Anant got your point Question 3 was regarding here I have developed several application HR/Finance...etc and now every user have access to all the Qlikview  documents mounted on Access point which should not be a case eg: in my company any Employee can go to access point and have access to HR data which should be restricted.

                        same like Named and Document cal in which we have a list and other User can't access any application if not listed.


                        I hope you got my Point, so do we have a solution on this ? besides windows Security

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                            anant dubey

                            ok can you try something basic if you can


                            you already know how to lock a application (qvw) by password protect it, so lik for HR Dashboard

                            make it password protected and share it with owner or right person Like HR head or howsoever,

                            and when other user/anonymous  will access the access point they be able to see all Thumb nails

                            but when any other user will click HR he will be ask for password and there by he cant access it.


                            can this be done? i also want to know your suggestions about this



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                                Rohit Koul

                                it's a trouble as User will get pissed by this I need an easiest way to achieve this. almost It can be done with Windows Security but lot of head ache, I am still finding some solution on the same.

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                                    anant dubey

                                    my dear in such case try do the following.


                                    1. you know how to manage a power user by allowing dyanamic access or if you want it manually you can allow

                                       it by manually assign a named cal so full access to all documents to which user you want is in you hand


                                    2.  session cal will get in picture when no of users go beyond your Named cal then its time session cal will be used and there is no way in which you can restrict a list of session cal ,if a session cal is there with user it means he can anyway access multiple document he can access but only only for 15 minutes, summary  there is no way you can assign session cal to a user it happens automatically. also 1 Session CAL will open multiple documents.


                                    3. now the question which you will ask me how i can restrict you restrict  HR or Finance  application data from certain user  of course  Session CALs respect section access for reduction of data as any other CAL would  .

                                    use section access and write down a script show reduced data other then power user.


                                    also read the link  http://community.qlik.com/message/136169#136169


                                    also read replies  from Karl Pover you will get  answer of most of your questions.



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                                        anant dubey

                                        ok now coming to Main point how to anyway hide a qvw in access point from a identified or anonymous user he may have Named Cal or session cal the answer lies in section  access.


                                        1. go to HR application create a section access by NTNAME let say you want three user in your network to ony see HR qvw and for rest any identified or anonymous the thumbnail should not show i feel thats what you are particularly looking for. so create a section access cript using a hidden script and add three user NTMANE


                                        2. now go to Access point login by one of these three user there you will see they can see HR data and all finance appication , now try any other user you will see now HR qvw will be hidden as it did not belong to list of users assingened in Section access of HR QVW however thay can see Sales, finance ..i think you gt it


                                        the above is the one tried and tested method i have done in my own organisation.



                                        happy qliking

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                                            Rohit Koul

                                            Hi Anant,


                                            Thanks a ton for your time and effort well applying Section Access or Simple Password is itself a Pain as I am having More than 20 Applications so it is trouble for me to spend the time for these.

                                            I have found a Simple Solution which is with NTFS windows Security I have restricted users .

                                            I will look into your Solution too but as if all application are in development so once finished I will apply your Solution which Seems quite good.