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    Orange Bar Chart



      I am trying to change the colour of my bar chart to orange, which isn't of the standard options.


      Is there a quick and easy way of doing this? Maybe by expressions?


      One method I came up with was pick(match( which works, however this is not feasible for where I have many months.



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          Stefan Wühl

          You can use a background color attribute expression (open the attributes by clicking on the small plus next to the expressions):


          =RGB( r, g, b)


          where r, g,b are numbers 0 to 255 defining the RGB color you want.


          For example


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            Paul Lazard

            Hi Keiron

            I am a newbie to Qlikview, so there is probably a better way(!) but to get around the same problem, I added the RGB to the "Background Colour".

            In the expression, expand the variable (to show Background Colour, Text Colour, Pie Popout etc) and then I put the RGB in the definition (literally as RGB(xxx,xxx,x)


            As I say, this is probably not where I should be doing it, but it works!