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    how to get the advanced search in list box

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      Just noticed that I can not use "Advanced search" like before after I update to use QV 11.20 SR12, the expression input box dose not pop-up after click the search icon as in the attached pic as before.

      Dose any one knows how to get the pop-up window?


      After some try, it seems sometimes, the pop-up input box do appears, but most time appear at the top of the sheet, not at the top of the list box, that is really strange behavior.

      But there is still problem. After I use expression like "=sum(amount)>2000"to filter to get the correct list, after press "Enter", it will always select all, but not the value match the expression.

      Dose any one have any idea about this?  


      Thanks very much