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    You are not authorised to view the page



      When the user is trying to access the QlikView document via the AccessPoint 8.5,
      he is getting the error "You are not authorised to view the page .You are not have permission
      to view this directory or page due to Access Control list(ACL) that is configured for this
      resource on the web server.

      The user is the part of both the accesspoint recipient as well as the distrbution list recipient.
      When the user clicks on any report, it is prompting for the userid/password. When he enters,
      it is saying "You are not authorised to view the page"

      Any suggestions on this.

      he is using IE 6 version .

        • You are not authorised to view the page
          Bjorn Wedbratt


          As you're not stating which client is being used from AccessPoint I will asume that you're trying to use Qv Plugin. Please make sure that you got the correct permissions on the file opendoc.htm found in the virtual folder QvPlugin. This file is referenced when you click on a link in Access Point (if using Qv Plugin that is).

          If you're using any other client, you need to verify security settings for that particular client (QvJava and/or files generated for Ajax/ZFC client).