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    Dashboard to see the usage in Qliksense

    Mahidhar Alapati

      Hello Everyone,


      I would like to know if there is a possibility in Qliksense to show up get the below kind of information in a dashboard so that one can regularly see this dashboard to see all these aspects:

      1) Last time the data was refreshed for an App

      2) The # of rows loaded

      3) The time the App was generated

      4) # of times the App was accessed since the last load




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          Chanty 4u

          i think there is no such kind of options are nt available....for that v hve to create seperate variables i thnk..


          hope this helps you


          Thank u


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              Mahidhar Alapati

              Thanks Suresh.


              I know that we have to create a custom dashboard for the same. But what i am curious to know is Where do i get the necessary details as all the log files that i checked do not give me the complete information, in the sense i need the source of such information for me.

              Well, Postgre is the database that Qlik uses. Another possibility that i have in mind is that if i can read the data stored in this DB some way or the other, not sure how if this data would help me.


              Any more views or ideas?




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              Gabor Tarnoczai

              Hi Mahi!


              You should investigate the Operations Monitor in Administration stream, or/and you can create an application that read data from Operations Monitor, and/or your application (As far as I know one binary load is permitted per load script, you should read the raw logs, and binary load the other application).


              The new analyser application needs a reload task with event trigger to the original application.


              It should work.