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    List/Chart help needed

      I have to start by saying how nice it was to get quick, smart, knowledgeable answers on my first post!


      Here's what I'm faced with:


      I have data from different regions (North America, Asia....etc)  Each region has a number of 'Questions'.  Each question has a number of possible answers (dissatisfied, okay, satisfied....etc). So column names are "Region" "Question" "Answer"


      What I'm trying to do is get a list of the 5 questions that have the most satisfied answers, regardless of region.  So if Question #4 has 2,000 satisfied responses, I want to have it listed as:

      1Question 42000


      I tried creating a list box, and that didn't seem to get me anywhere.  I then tried a Pivot table, with Question as the dimension, and used "count({<Answer = {'Satisfied'}},Question)", but I'm getting an error with that.


      Is there a simple(r) way to do this?


      Thanks in advance!