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    Images for story  taken not as desired, bar graph zoom out facility


      I have 2questions here, they are connected though.


      1) When constructing a bar graph using for example 2 time series over say 90 days. The bar graph does not allow "thin bars" but expands the view, resulting in a sliding window that does not allow you to see the full picture ( even in a line chart) ..perhaps there is something else in my settings that is not allowing me to see the full series ( 90 values is not that much). How can I force the full view.


      2) The above "limitation"poses problems for stories:


           When trying to place an embedded sheet in the story , I zoom ( using the sliding window ) in the sheet , set the sheet at the desired position ( say the end portion of the series ) , and then embed the sheet in the story...but the sheet now in the story , sets the slider back to the very left of the series ( its beginning) . This means that during the story I have to "Go to sheet " to reset the slider to the desired position.


      Secondly , when taking a snapshot of the timeseries , where you want the image to portray the end of the series , the snapshot also only shows the begiinining of the series. A work around is to filter the series on the x values , and then take the snapshot, but this is tedious.


      Also when you save to pdf , the sliders are also reset to the start , so you have to filter on the x values if you want the time series to be saved over the correct part of the series ie the end of the series.


      3) Lastly..are the developers working on saving embedded sheets to powerpoint ....the reason is that in my stories I normally use embedded sheets and then based on insights I follow each embedded sheet , with snapshots and text boxes to explain the insights revealed when filtering the sheets. This means that effectively I have to take screen shots of embedded sheets and then go and insert them into the powerpoint , clumsy but ok for now.... still a fantastic facility.


      Thanks You