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    Publisher content filtering



      I'm new about the Publisher.
      I've read that it's possible to filtering data from a qvw and than send to a user only his part.

      For example a I have a qvw document with company sales but I want to send to a specific agent only his part of sales...not all.

      How can I realize this with QlikView ?

      Thanks a lot.


        • Publisher content filtering
          Rob Wunderlich

          What you want to do is a Publisher reduction, and it currently requires Publisher Enterprise. Watch these tutorials to get an idea of how it works.

          If you don't have Publisher Enterprise, you can instead use the Section Access feature to dynamically reduce the data for each user when the document is opened.


            • Re: Publisher content filtering

              Hi Rob,


              We recently purchased Publisher and I was wondering about using it for this scenario:


              We are creating a portal deployment where a couple of charts from a QlikView document will be displayed in a web page.  (We are currently trying out an iFrame solution that is working as a proof of concept, but we don't want to pass information in the url.)  We will have over 500 users that will log into a SSO in order to get to the portal we are creating.  I see that one option in Publisher (thanks to your tutorials!) is to create separate documents for each user - data reduction.  What are some guidelines as to the number of users that this type of solution will support, versus section access? 


              And once these documents are created, I know that DMS will be required as our users will not be logging in from a Windows Account.  How daunting a task is it to keep that up with this many users?


              Any help is appreciated!