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    Master Time Table


      I am working to chart items by hour and having some difficulties in getting the output I want.


      Pulling data from a SQL table with single date/time stamp field.

      I can chart by hour with no problem, however I have hours that I have no data and would like to have this reflected in the hourly chart.


      I have tried creating Master time table still not able to get the results that I would like.

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          Henric Cronström

          If you create a field "hour", use this as dimension in your graph, and set the axis as "Continuous" (on Axis sheet) you will have holes in your graph on the hours where there is no data.


          An alternative is to use

             Sum(Data) + 0*Sum({1} Data)

          instead of


          as expression, and remove "Suppress zero values" on the Presentation tab. This will force all dimensional values to be displayed, also the ones without data..