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    Building a data layer

    Mat Smith

      Hi there,


      I'm just getting started on this whole Qlik Sense adventure and, so far, haven't had too many real issues when building apps based on our SQL Server database.


      One thing I AM struggling with though is building a 'common' data layer.


      In our initial discussions with Qlik, their guys mentioned something about having a data layer / qvd layer which could potentially be passed on to our users for them to use...The only thing I've found so far though is the data-modelling within each individual app.


      From what I understood, we should be able to create a series of individual data-models which can then be used (either individually or combined) when building apps.


      I suspect I need to create some QVD files which would then be saved centrally,,, But there doesn't appear to be an option to do this in Sense (or at least not that I've managed to find).

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,