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    Filtering between 2 dates

      I have employees who were paid within the 2015 financial year


      They then terminated in the 2016 financial year


      I want to count the terminated employees that occurred in the 2015 financial year and not those that have a termination date in the 2016 financial year


      Joe Bloggs    Terminated 30 June 2015

      Jane Mary     Terminated 15 June 2015

      Tess Jones    Terminated 16 July 2015

      John Jones     Terminated 15 August 2015


      The calendars are set for actual pay dates (not termination dates) being within the fiscal year  - although that information is in the database.


      I only want to count 2 for the 2015 year


      So how to I ask QS to only choose employees who were terminated in 2015 -   whilst using filters for the fiscal years.


      At the moment it is choosing 4 -  as the four employees were paid during the 2015 but only 2 terminated during this year


      I don't want to hardcode in the IF Statement - start and finish dates


      Hope this makes sense