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    Load XML web file using https



      I'm using Qlik Sense Enterprise version 2.1.1 build 22. I'm trying to load a XML file located in a S3 bucket using https.


      If I set up a web file connection using the url https://s3.amazonaws.com/dgvzdgj1y2tlddek/test.xml and then click the "Select data" icon, Qlik doesn't show anything in the screen and the "Insert script" button is disabled. If I switch to http rather than https (http://s3.amazonaws.com/dgvzdgj1y2tlddek/test.xml), everything works fine.


      I've tried to write the load script myself, but the app doesn't load. I've also tried to load the same file (https url) using the Qlik desktop and it worked! Is https supported for web files or is this a bug in the Enterprise version?