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    use of custom share objects in nPrinting

    Vaibhav Sathe


      Can we use nPrinting with user shared object and bookmark.

      As a developer I am able to run this report but when its scheduled Its running successfully but not returning intended rows. User object and bookmark is created by me but nPrinting server is running by admin 

      Any help is appreciated

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          Aran Nathanson

          If you are using NPrinting Server, then all QlikView objects used in NPrinting must be accessible from the QlikView server, or saved to the QVW which NPrinting is accessing. So for instance in the case of bookmarks, they must be shared server bookmarks, they can't reside on the local machine of the developer.


          I hope this makes sense.





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            if I understand, when you mnaully run the report, the expected results are returned based on the bookmark but when the report is run from the server, the expected results are not returned?  Is the same version of the qvw that you are manually connected to when running the same version that the service is connecting to? Like Aran said, all objects, bookmarks, etc mist be accessed by the qvw that the nprinting service is connected to


            How is the bookmark being used?

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              Vaibhav Sathe

              Hello Thanks for the response.


              I have created one table box as well as one bookmark on access point. Both are shared so everybody can see. When I login as a admin and open QVW on share point I can see those as well as I can run. Now when I run nPrinting job as me (my local id) I get the intended result but when same job I run from nPrinting Server I get output just like template file (1st row Field Name and 2nd row <Field Name>.


              Any help is appreciated



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                Christer Lindberg



                I managed to use a user created object in an NPringting report and send it out through NPrinting server to users.


                The user needs to share the user created object with the NPrinting service account that runs the jobs on the server and then I logged on at that NPrinting server with the NPrinting service account and open the shared object.in the URL "qvp://server/application...". They can be found in "View/Server objects" in the menu and then in "Shared Objects". If it's not opened then the report can't be found when running the job.


                Best Regards