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    Visualising typical survey data

      I want to chart customer satisfaction survey results. The results are available in tabular format like this:


      1FairGoodVery good
      2PoorVery goodFair

      where q1..q3 are the questions asked. The possible values for q1..q3 are Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good. I want to create a chart with 3 100% stacked bars (one for each question) showing the relative percentage of Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good.

      I suspect I may have to rearrange my data in a different structure to accomplish this, but I am wondering is there a smarter way.


      If I rearrange the data like this

      1q3Very good
      2q2Very good


      then I can set my first dimension to 'question' and my second dimension to 'answer' and the measure is COUNT(custid).

      Does anyone have suggestions as to whether this is possible in Qlik Sense without rearranging the data first? Thanks.