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    Qlik UDC - users and users attributes tables

      Hi folks,


      After a lot of tries, my UDC connection to my SQL database is working.


      Now my problem is to understand why Qlik are not recognizing the users in the SQL tables. In the log file, i'm getting this message:

      "Database done with 0 users and 0 groups in user directory"


      At the moment I have a lot of questions in my head because it is very hard to find any documentation regarding all details of a UDC configuration. They are all superficial, including the part V tutorial video.


      Is there any documentation, guide, tutorial explaining how the the database, tables and fields have to be configured?


      What are the columns domains? for example, which value can I input in the "type" column from the attribute table?


      Do I really need to have a field "userid" and "name"? My actual users table has a "user_id" and "userName" field and I had to create another table because Qlik needs these columns otherwise the UDC connector doen't work.


      Thank you for any enlightenment.