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    QV Publisher Install - License problem

      Hi all,

      I'm installing QV publisher for the first time and am following the guide. I've installed the software, started the services and have accessed the control panel. As it states in the guide I get a screen telling me that it found a server licence and I get the 2 options of 'Get standard edition licence from QVS' or 'Enter LEF information manually'.

      I have 2 questions: the first is do I get Publisher enterprise if I have Server enterprise, or do I need a separate publisher enterprise licence.

      Either way - neither of the links do anything when I click on them. This is the main issue as I can't get past this screen!

      Any ideas?



      PS - this is the latest build of the 8.5 publisher app downloaded today.

        • QV Publisher Install - License problem
          Bjorn Wedbratt

          Hi Ross,

          "do I get Publisher enterprise if I have Server enterprise"

          No, Publisher Enterprise requires a separate license. Publisher Standard is included with QlikView Server.

          Did you install QVS and register it properly before trying to register Publisher Standard. Publisher Standard will require QVS running on the same machine.


            • QV Publisher Install - License problem


              Thanks for the reply. I have now got the license working. The problem was that I had started the additional services that are installed with the QV server. For some reason, when you try to click on the 2 links (Get from server, or Enter Manually) the links do not work. If I stop these services then it all works ok.

              Thanks for clarifying the Enterprise License question.