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    CommandLine is empty

    Amir Vastani

      I am trying to run an External Program (i.e, run a macro in the qvw) from Publisher as an EDX Triggered based on completion of a reload task.

      Could someone please help with the .bat file to be created and what to use in the command line in publisher? I have the following in the .bat file which works from command prompt but not from Publisher

      "C:\Program Files\Qlikview\QV.exe" /r /vsendReport "C:\Users\Documents\test.qvw"

      i put this in the .bat file as the only line and in the Publisher External task I put

      "C:\Program Data\QlikView\myfile.bat"

      I run the job and I get error that the CommandLine is empty. Please help if you have encountered or know a way around it. Thanks.