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    Problem using FirstSortedValue on $Field  =FirstSortedValue($Field,$FieldNo,n)

    Daniel Greenberg

      I have something strange going on.

      I often use FirstSortedValue when making a report builder.


      I had a need to make a report builder off of most out data model for other developers who are new to QlikView.


      There are 2 tables:




      I can't figure out the rhym or reason to it but even with all data removed from the data model (ruling out data model issues) it sometimes misbehaves.


      In the example I am posting FirstSortedValue($Field,$FieldNo,3) and FirstSortedValue($Field,$FieldNo,4) are null but 1,2,5,6 have values.  That's not possible there could't be a value in FirstSortedValue($Field,$FieldNo,5) if there was none for 3 & 4.



      Given that I have removed all data from the data model and it still behaves like this I am thinking it's not possible to use FirstSortedValue on $Field if there is more than 1 table being used.  To me that sounds like a bug.


      If that's the case I supose I can work around it by loading the field names into a table but I thought this was a clever way with minimum script and code to build a dynamic report builder off the whole data model.


      Anyone ever run into trouble using FirstSortedValue($Field,$FieldNo,n)?