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    Error while executing RepositorySnapshotManager.exe

    Vladimir Komarov

      Hi all,


      I am trying to execute the Backup process using RepositorySnapshotManager.exe.

      Using the following command in BAT file:


      "D:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\RepositorySnapshotManager\RepositorySnapshotManager.exe" -backup –p="D:\QS_Backups" –ver= –u=PROTOTYPE\AAAAAAAA –p=BBBBBBBBB


      the base Backup folder (D:\QS_Backups) exists on the system and is accessible by  AAAAAAAA user.

      Executing the command above produces the following error in the log:

      Starting SnapshotManager, mode=backup

      Nov 10 04:35:43 2015: Error: Base directory  does not exist or insufficient permissions to read directory


      Just wondering what I am missing here....

      I would appreciate any advice.


      Best regards,