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    Port configuration best practices

    Gary Strader

      Is anyone aware of "best practices" documentation for configuring port access for Qlik Sense?  I'm aware of the "Ports Overview" in the help which lists out all the ports and their purpose.  I can run a netstat and see which ports the services are listening to.  But it seems a bit haphazard, especially when security is at stake.  I don't feel very comfortable basically guessing what the optimal configuration is based on info I have pieced together.  If we were security audited, would I be able to explain our rationale behind how we set it up?  Some things to consider like:


      1. Different "use case" scenarios.  Single node, multi node, special situations like custom authentication, etc.
      2. Which ports should be configured incoming, outgoing, or both?
      3. Are there special considerations for hardware firewalls, windows firewall, AWS, Azure?
      4. Are there any "optional" ports we can safely disable? e.g. Chart Sharing Service