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    Single chart showing blank in Access Point

    Julie Griffin

      Hoping someone may have come across this issue before.

      I have a tab in one of my documents that shows or hides a particular chart depending on a button selection.


      Button 1 sets a variable vHide_Show as value 0

      Button 2 sets it as value 1

      Button 3 sets as value 2


      This has been working for over 2 years and I know the setup has not changed. Recently, one of the three charts is showing with no information. You can see the chart title and border but no data within the table. If you select 'send to excel' or 'print', it comes out with the data. I also have a report created for this chart and the report also prints out fine. This is only occurring in Access point. I can view the chart when I go into the Qlikview application.


      The only thing that I can think of that could have changed this is the version upgrade I recently did. Am currently on version 11.2 SR12.


      Anyone have any ideas? I have checked all settings. We have no section access.


      Thanks in advance.