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    How do I Limit the entries in a Weekstart list box ?

      I have a list box which is Weekstart. I would like to only list those Weekstart dates  in the list box depending on the selection in another flist box Month. i.e., i have 3 list boxes like below


      if i select Year=2015,Month=feb,

      in weekstart list box ,i want only FEB and Jan(last month) weekstart dates in weekstart listbox.

      i.e.,only 12/28/2014 and 2/1/2015 and all other dates shoud be vanish



      if i select a Month in "Month List box",

      In weekstart list box it has to show only selected month and previous month weekstart dates only.

      I tried by using expression in Weekstart list box like

      =aggr(WeekStart,WeekStart),it shows only current month  dates in weekstart..

      Im attaching my QVW and  file also

      Please help me