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    Hypercube on the fly with pivot functionality

    Thomas Hänig



      i do have a problem with hyperqubes with pivot functionality. I create a hypercube on the fly with the option qMode: "EQ_DATA_MODE_PIVOT". Now I want to use the function expandLeft, BeginSelect, … . The function from the backend api is not working (backend api not works on selfcreated objects, correct?). With the qsocks wrapper it is not possible to use the existing WS?

      So my question, do I have to use the engine API, which means I have to write my own wrapper, or is there a other possibility with the existing APIs.

      When I write my own wrapper I am able to send request to the engine, but how can I get the response (object handler, data, …).


      Thanks allot in advance.


      Greetings Thomas