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    Governance dashboard fails with a strange error

    Balasubramani Avudainayagam

      We are using QlikView Version:11.20.12904.0 and Governance dashboard runs fill until 10/18. After this date the job keeps on failing with error message "Error: Error in hidden script. For details, open hidden script before reload" in the extract log. I did checked the FullScan.messages.log, FullScan.statistics.log as mentioned in this articleGovernance Dashboard: Error in hidden script


      But i am facing error message like


      Multi-Transform Perf Log - TRANSLITERATE-1024-F: Error converting output parameter 'ActiveAnonymousDocSessions' into attribute 'ActiveAnonymousDocSessions': The lua string '2015-10-02 09:52:54' could not be converted to a type of 'integer'. (FullScan.Step_1)


      After some trial and error i figured out that this column do exist in Performance*.log file and this field is supposed to be a integer. But the qlikview hidden script (embedded inside Governance dashboard) somehow picks the timestamp field and trying to convert it as integer. I am trying to modify the hidden script to make this correction but i cant succeed it without knowing the password. This article Re: want to customize governance dashboard, Please let me  know hidden script password. states we are not allowed to edit the script due to intellectual property details etc..I have attached the log files for your reference.


      Could someone please suggest me how to resolve this issue on priority note ?.