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    Newby Question - how do I publish to web?


      I looked in FAQ, etc. but I seem to be failing at first hurdle.

      I have QlikView running nicely - demo version only at the moment, licences on order.

      I want to demonstrate my work so far on the web (which is intended ultimate destination for it), for now just on my local IIS. I can use the Tools | Objects Client Page Generator which then works fine in the QlikView app's window, but I'm not sure what to set up in IIS to run it in a normal browser.

      I can set up a site, but it fails to find "Qva" as referenced in the JavaScript.

      Do I need to install something else or is it just path names or permissions in some way?

      Any help appreciated, I'm supposed to be demontrating this tomorrow! :-)

        • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?
          Johannes Sunden

          Hi there,

          You will need to have QlikView server installed in order to publish your work to the users.

          It fails to find Qva since it's pointing to the QlikView file containing the underlying data for your published web files. The .htm files contain the shells or containers for the data while the data itself is pulled by QlikView server from the underlying .qvw-file.


            • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

              Thanks for the info.

              I now have the license information, but I'm not sure about the Qlikview Server - is this another install and do I need more than my Developer license to get it or is it an option if I re-install? I am wanting (initially at least) to run against my laptop's own local instance of IIS.

              Is there a help file or page that gives more info on this - I guess I must just be missing it in the info I have.

              Thanks again for the help.

                • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

                  Qlik server is a separate installations. Search it in the forum you will know how to publish documents in to web?



                  • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

                    If you want your Qlikview file to be available through Internet, you'll need to install Qlikview Server on your IIS machine.

                    You should have bought Qlikview Server when you purchased Qlikview developper ( if you purchased a bundle). Else you need to buy it.


                      • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

                        Thanks guys, we have bought the enterprise with a number of CALs too, so I now have the 9 beta server installed and licensed, but still not sure what to do next.

                        I'll have to read through the manual, I guess. It doesn't look too straight-forward, I had hoped for a fairly light install.

                        Anyway, any quick tips welcomed, otherwise it's a little light reading for me.

                        Thanks to all once more.

                          • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

                            OK, I'm getting a bit confused and frustrated.

                            Is there a brief guide to setting up the server against IIS? I have looked in the QVS reference manual but it refers in places to things that didn't get set up automatically but for which there are no instructions (e.g. it refers on page 134, when talking about setting up authentication, to the web sites that exist under IIS (QvClients, QvJava, QvPlugin, etc.) that are not present for me after my server install but which I cannot find references to in terms of how they need setting up).

                            I have installed the 9 beta QV Server and got my license (30 Cals for enterprise) put in. I can run the Manager and the Enterprise Manager. The services are set to run as the local admin account but don't all seem to start automatically (despite being set to and despite starting with no problems manually). On the manager screens it shows the QlikviewServer as running but not the DSC or DS which both show as disconnected (Enterprise manager just shows the command center as disconnected). I have also tried removing and re-installing in case I missed something during setup.

                            What steps are needed from a clean install to getting a working web site, using a single machine as web server running IIS under XP pro (my laptop) and running Qlikview Server (as well as running Qlikview desktop in this case)? What steps do I then take in order to make a Qlikview file available on this website and what is the URL for users to find it?

                            Sorry if this stuff is described somewhere, I feel like I must be really dumb since other people seem to have it working and there are no frustrated posts around asking for this info. If it is ovbvious, I apologise, but any hints, guides or information would really help.

                            Thanks again.

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                                Steve Dark

                                Hi there,

                                Hi there,

                                Can you get to the start page on your QlikView server? On my installation it's http://vpc-qlikview/qlikview/ - obviously you need to use your own server name or IP.

                                Publishing a QlikView file is as simple as dropping it in a published folder. First though, you need to point to at least one published folder in the Management Console.

                                Once that is done you should be able to get to documents at http://vpc-qlikview/QvPlugin/opendoc.htm?document=doc.qvw.

                                If you want to get the data in your document to refresh automatically you will also need to install QV Publisher, which is another separate product in 8.5, but comes bundled with version 9.

                                I have only done this setup with QV8.5 - but I believe the basic architecture is the same.


                                  • Newby Question - how do I publish to web?

                                    Thanks Steve,

                                    If I try to get to that page (//localhost/QlikView) I get an error that 'qva' is undefined, which is where I started before I installed the QV Server. I wonder if I have a broken partial set-up due to trying things before I got the server.

                                    I'd be happy to use 8.5 but I couldn't find a download location for the QV Server except on the 9 beta site, so I went for a 9 client and server set-up. Where would I get the 8.5 install sets from? Now that 9 is released, I can still only seem to get to a client 9 install via the main website.
                                    In our organisation we have a bit of a disconnect between the guy who talked to QlikView and bought the licenses and me who is expected to implement it - so the only information from QlikView that I have been given is a PDF with the license key information, so everything else I have is what I have got from the web site.

                                    So, to recap, when you installed the QV Server, did it set up the appropriate stuff for teh web sites as part of the setup or did you need to create things within IIS manually?

                                    In the meantime I'll remove all traces of the installation and try yet again.