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    Convert string (comma separated) to multiple columns

      Dont ask me why but I have some values stored as comma separated values(CSV) in a column.

      I am basically trying to make a loadscript that simulates a excel CSV import, where each of the delimited values end up in a separate column.


      Below is an example of two rows in one column:

      6000000, , '6006627, '6005599, '6005203, '6003813, '6105008001, '1050006765

      , '6002000, '6002092, '6002012, '6006995, '6007703, '6001080, '6206001175


      The output that i am looking for is:

      Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6Header 7Header 8Header 9



      Please note that there might be more than 7 delimited values and as you can see the length of each value also varies :/


      Appreciate any help!


      Best Regards,