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    Ajax Version not working



      Iam not able to access the ajax version of the same document which i published . What could be reason?
      Iam getting the message "Page cannot be displayed". Iam using Publisher 8.5.

      Any help would be valuable.



        • Ajax Version not working


          Have you generated the AJAX pages. Where All the AJAX files are located in your server.

          If not done the above steps, Please do it. And configure your AJAX pages into your IIS server.

          Then try to access this pages in IE.




          • Ajax Version not working
            Stephen Redmond


            In 8.5 you need to generate the AJAX pages manually (from the Tools menu) and then create a virtual folder in IIS to point at the newly created files. You also need to ensure that your QVW is correctly in the QVS folder.

            Are you following all these steps?

            In v9, you just need to have the document in the QVS folder and the AJAX is generated on the fly as required.