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    Wrong person has access to applications available in “My Work” stream

    Vladimir Komarov

      We are having a strange issue on PROD server.

      The server has two RootAdmins accounts set (qvservice and aaa.bbbbbbbb). All publishing/duplicating/etc was done from qvservice account and this user is listed as the Owner for all available applications.


      But if aaa.bbbbbbbb user is logged into the Hub, he can see all the applications in “My work” stream..


      Is it a normal behavior? Should “My work” files be available for the owner only?


      Additional twist: Some (!!) of the applications in “My Work” folder are not opening properly by aaa.bbbbbbbb user.

      The existing application (with multi-page script and some data) is opening without the data and no script (!!)…


      Anybody have seen this before?

      Would appreciate an experts' advice.



      Best regars,