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    Two maps

    Steve Holmes

      My Qlik Sense application has two maps, both loaded from the same data set.  One of the maps, where the dimension is a simple field, has several hundred GPS data points.  It is quite successful, but hovering over a data point provides limited understanding of the event.

      To get around this, I created a composite field in the Excel load table.  I've restricted its length to 150 characters, but it includes a date and several short fields.  I've used this field, "Summary" as the dimension in the second map.  This "composite" map is far more informative - but it only shows about 40 data points.


      Can anybody tell me what I'm missing, please?

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          Steve Holmes

          I've found a partial solution to my problem.  I'm working with a 15,700-record dataset, and only 724 of the records have a GPS tag.  This is the number I would expect to show in my maps.

          So: rather that ask Qlik View to match the small GPS table to the large data table with a summary, I changed the GPS load file to include the summary field and re-loaded the data.

          This seems to have done the trick; the mapping is quite spectacular and the required data can be seen, case by case, by hovering over a data point.