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    fabio Mazzarelli

      Hi Community,


      i create a table



      how to replace the column names with the values shown in the legend

      Fabio M

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          Andy Weir

          Labels on pivots cannot be dynamically set yet.  You would need to replace the filed names 1,2,3,4 with (Presa, Tratta etc...) in your data load.

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            bruno bertels

            Hi Fabio


            It seems you have a dimension called "TipoCosti" with the fallowing values 1, 2, 3 , 4 that's representing Presa, Tratta etc


            You can add this in the script like that :







            if (TipoCosti='2','Tratta',

            if (TipoCosti='3','Distribuzione',

            if (TipoCosti='4','Passiaggio a Magazzino',)))) as "TipoCostiLabel",


            So it will add you a new dimension called TipoCostiLabel in your data


            Replace TipoCosti with this new dimension TipoCostiLabel so you will see the text value rather than 1 or 2 etc


            Hope it' helps,