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      Hey i have readed the following script and noticed the Flip action over here:


      IF (ORD(left(CUSTDES,1))<128 and ORD(right(CUSTDES,1))<128,flip(CUSTDES),CUSTDES) as CUST_CUSTDES


      somebody can Explain the Flip action?

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          Tresesco B

          There is no qv function called flip(). It could be a user-defined function being used in the script. User-defined functions can be found in Edit Module (Ctrl+M).

          Or, a parameterized variable that you could find in Variable Overview window (Ctrl+Alt+V).

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            balraj ahlawat

            Nothing like Flip() in QV, It seems their are macro with function define with the name of Flip(CUSTDES)...


            Chk in edit module as suggested by tresesco