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    Date format change in qlik?

      Hi community,


           I have date column in my csv file in two formats,

      1.format = mm/dd/yyyy

      2.number format= 41730,


      monthname(Date(alt("Inv Date", Date(Date#("Inv Date", 'MM/DD/YYYY'), 'MMM-YYYY'),

      Date(num("Inv Date"), 'MMM-YYYY') ))) as "Invoice Date" ,


      used above script to change the format,

      when i am trying to change the format to mmm-yyyy, system is getting confused to take some records

      for example : 10/01/2015(oct 1st 2015) but it is loading as Jan 2015(Jan 10th 2015).

      And am not sure how the number format is changing.



      Please help me how can I resolve this.