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    Publisher : About Source Document Management

      Hi, there.

      I need somebody's help again about Publisher's settings.

      To regist source documents,

      I selected 'Register Source Document' from the left menu with the Control Panel,

      selected source documets and pushed 'Save' link.

      After that, it took me back to 'Source Documenet Management', however,

      there's no documents I selected[:^)]

      Log files have no descriptions about it.

      I wonder if it is for double byte characters OS again...

      If somebody can give me advice or a clue, i would be appreciate.


        • Publisher : About Source Document Management
          I reply by myself to the question. It appeared after changing repository from Microsoft SQL server to XML's one. When I checked if a table on SQL Server stored the Publisher's settings data, I noticed that it had no records and that meant there's some problem with repositry. Maybe, my settings of SQL server has something bad...(user permission etc...) Anyway, it works well with XML repositry. Thank you. Aki