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    Qlikview script does not work in Qliksense

      I have a basic script loading from an excel file and filtering on a date.  I figured the script could be copied directly from the QVW but there were some annoyances.


      1. File reference could not use a qualified path either in a variable or in the FROM clause.  Workaround - allow Qliksense to indicate how to format the the clause.  I had to use lib: and it was able to open the data source

      2. I load the last group of rows based on date.  With Qlikview this is simply WHERE (DateField = $(vLastDate)).  Looks like Qliksense wants the right side formatted with single-quotes (from examples I've seen).


      Is there a document detailing these issues so I don't have to run in circles ?  Something that will list how scripts differ between Sense and View?