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    Integrate Qlikview authentication with Microsoft Azure?

      I'm trying to implement Azure SSO capabilities with Qlikview, for this I've added Qlikview as an application from Azure. After adding the application I'm presented with the following screen:


      I'm stuck with the "configure single sign-on" part, after I click on that button I'm asked how I'd like users to sign in into qlikview, I choose "Existing single sign-on", after that I'm asked for a "SIGN ON URL". What URL am I supposed to use here? should this be a script on our qlikview server to handle the user and redirect? If so does anybody have any examples on how to do this either with PHP or ASP.NET?


      Basically I want the user to log in with Azure and then be able to access either a qlikview document or the access point from there.


      Thank you.