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    One loaded data model for multiple Qlik Sense apps

      Hi everyone,


      I'm just starting out setting up Sense Server.  I've gotten to a point where I'm comfortable that I've loaded our data so that we can start analyzing it.  Now, I'd like to be able to create a few different apps for a few different teams (e.g. Executive, Account Management, and Sales).  They all need to analyze the same data, but they'll look at it from different perspectives, so ideally I'd like to create three different apps for each of them.


      The issue is, when I've loaded all our data, it takes up about 4GB in memory.  Considering each team needs the exact same data, I'd like to be able to load the data once and use it across all three apps.  I've found this discussion in the community (How to share a data model between multiple apps (.QVW) files.) which suggests that in Qlik View in 2014, it was not possible.  Is it possible in Qlik Sense 2.1?


      If it's not possible to share a data model across apps, what would be the best approach to the problem of needing the same data for different teams?  As far as I can tell, my options are:


      1) Just load the data again for each app.  I don't like this option because it is really, truly the exact same data for each app, so loading it three (or more) times seems superfluous.  Furthermore, if I ever want to create a new app, I'd have to be sure I have at least 4GB at the ready.  It's fine for three apps, but what happens if I want to create 10 or 20 apps?


      2) Create one super-app and create per-team mashups.  This way I could load everything just once, and expose only the objects that each team would need.  I like this because all the development and data modeling would be in one place, but I don't like the fact I couldn't really make use of the Qlik Sense interface for viewing and publishing, etc.


      3) Create one super-app and tell each team to only look at certain sheets.  This seems like it's the best solution so far, because then the data is only loaded once and everybody can make use of the slick Qlik interface, but it seems messy to tell people "just don't look over here".


      Is there any other option?  Maybe you can hide certain sheets from certain users, and so you can create one super-app but only expose the necessary sheets to each team?


      Anyhow, that's the quandary I find myself in.  Thanks for any direction you guys can provide!