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    QVS trusting/passing credentials from WSS3.0 server

    Theresa Aspenwall

      We are installing QVS 8.5 64 bit. We would like our Sharepoint server to be able to request documents from the QVS server without requiring an additional logon. How can I make the QVS recognize the user id and password used when logging on to the Sharepoint server? Both servers are in the same domain. I think we have trusts set up properly between the two machines. We have added the Sharepoint server as an administrator on the QVS server. If we use Windows Authentication, we are prompted again for credentials, if we use Basic Authentication, the QV application thinks that the user is the person logged on to the physical machine they are accessing Sharepoint from. Any ideas??? Windows Server 2008 on QVS server, Windows 2003 on Sharepoint server. IIS7 on QVS. IIS6 on Sharepoint server.