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    How to use point in time reporting within a pivot table

    Richard Benoit


      I would like to calculate a balance till the end of the week used in a dimension of a pivot table.
      What do I have?
      1) A pivot table with 1 dimension: Week
      2) An expression to calculate the balance amount on a bankaccount till the end of that week.

      The following set analysis syntax works fine BUT, I must select one week to get the right balance.




      sum({ 1 <GbkMut.gbmDatum={"<=$(=DATE(Weekend(MAX(%PeriodeDatum_key)),'YYYY-MM-DD'))"} > } TOTAL if(Match(GbkMut.gbmReknr, 1040,1050), GbkMut.gbmBedrag,0))

      What I want is a balance calculation for every weekend(sunday) disregarding the start of the dimension. Can somone help!?