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    Total in an expression

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QV


      I have one problem that I don't know he solution.

      I am seeing if you can figure it out.


      I have this dataset. I have information of number of invoices for every category and company.


      CompanyCategoriesNo. of invoices
      1100Emailed PDF3773

      I want to know e.g.

      How many invoices in percentage are scanned for company 1000 of total invoices for company 1000.

      The answer I am looking for is:

      Scanned Invoices for company 1000/ Total Invoices for company 1000 = 17894/60681 = 29,4%


      I tried to use this formula: =Sum([Number of invoices])/Sum(Total [Number of invoices])

      But it does not give me the right answer because in the formula: Sum(Total [Number of invoices]

      I get all the invoices.